Alfa Ray was established in 2005 by an international team of visionary professionals and experts in embedded computer technologies. By gathering and merging top-notch resources, Alfa Ray is able to offer customers the most reliable board and system level solutions.

As a specialist in design & development of high performance embeded boards, Alfa Ray's product quality & stability are well assured. With professional in-house testing, technical support and after sales service, Alfa Ray works closely with customers to reduce product time-to-market.

Specializing in state-of-the-art embedded computing technologies, Alfa Ray is also committed to delivering an excellent range of quality products with complete product life cycle management. Through our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives, we strive to keep our customers up-to-date, cared for and fully satisfied.

Alfa Ray's outstanding synergistic R&D team specializes in FRGA/PLD design and development, as well as in high-speed circuit design. Our R&D team which is located overseas, seeks to provide quality hardware and software designs, as well as OEM/ODM services.

With company headquarters based in Penang, Malaysia, Alfa Ray's network spans across the countries of Asia and Asia Pacific, including China and Singapore. With the international market in mind, Alfa Ray is setting its sights on breaking into the US and European market very soon.


To be truly different, strongly committed and reliable embedded computing partner of choice.

To achieve faster time-to-market via product reliability and synergy of the best embedded solutions for customers, as well as providing an outstanding satisfying customer services.
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